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5 Ways This Salon Owner Achieved Major Business Pivots and Success

Welcome back to BOSSY! We had a very special returning guest on our podcast- salon owner Erika Sorbello, who was our very first interviewee years ago. Now in early 2023, we caught up with Erika to learn about some major pivots and changes she has made in her business that have led to tremendous success.

Erika shares that over the past couple of years, she has been searching for a building to purchase to build equity by owning rather than renting. However, she could not find the perfect space. So, Erika resigned her lease at her current location for another two years. She has set big goals for this time frame - to become a million-dollar business in 2023 and substantially increase her bottom line.

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed Erika time for self-reflection about her target clients and vision for Gallery Salon. She realized she wanted to create an extremely welcoming space for members of the LGBTQIA community. Erika has found greater purpose in her work by focusing efforts on marginalized groups and being true to her own identity. This sense of self-respect and alignment with her values has translated to financial prosperity.

Erika also emphasizes the importance of staying current in the rapidly evolving hair industry. While some veteran stylists complain about young up-and-comers, Erika chooses to learn from these fresh perspectives. Finding ways to regularly pivot and try new things prevents her salon from becoming stale. Offering vintage goods alongside hair services demonstrates Erika's creativity and innovation.

Manifestation plays a major role in Erika's path as well. She strongly believes that clearly stating your goals and intentions out loud can make them come true. Her transparency with staff about targets keeps everyone working together. While entrepreneurship certainty brings challenges, Erika persists through self-care and constantly evolving her business vision.

Erika's story is an inspiration to follow your heart. By focusing on your passion, respecting yourself, and surrounding yourself with community, personal and professional growth can flourish. What stuck out to you most from Erika's interview? Let us know!

Listen to the full interview:

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