BOSSY is a networking group uniting women business owners through in-person & virtual networking events, educational workshops, and a private forum offering support, advice & resources.

BOSSY is a networking group founded in 2013 by Kelly Metras (Salena’s Mexican Restaurant, Nox Cocktail Lounge) and Kelly Bush (Marshall Street Bar & Grill, The Union Tavern). They started the group BOSSY after finding that as business owners, they lacked peers to discuss management and operation issues, issues with employees, marketing, legal requirements and standards, and more. 

Having few people to relate to the stressors of owning and running a business, especially as women, Kelly and Kelly set off to create a safe space for women to gather, for free, to learn from one another, make friends, vent, ask questions, share experiences and more. Rotating the host each month, women gather at different local businesses allowing members to showcase their space and bring in guests who may not have otherwise known about it. In 2017, Kelly and Kelly asked long-time members Erika Sorbello (Gallery Salon) and Rebecca Fien (Rochester Web Girl) to join the group as board members. Over the next several years, BOSSY has organically grown to include hundreds of remarkable, driven, and passionate women business owners in Rochester, NY.

Before COVID-19 changed all of our lives, we hosted free monthly social events at a different business each month. Now, we rely more heavily on social media to connect with you, though we do still host and participate in zoom meetings as well as sporadic and small in-person socially-distanced gatherings for those who are comfortable. Our private Facebook group is the main way we relay info to one another and ask questions, seek support and advice, etc. If you are women business owner in Rochester, NY, this group is for you.​

There is no obligation to refer, no formal structure to follow. Our events, chats, and zooms are filled with sharing, meeting, and learning about other women living their dreams. Lately we're talking about what changes have happened since the pandemic began. As we grow and adapt to the changes, we learn from one another.

In addition to the social events we host, we have educational workshops 4 times per year. These events are aimed to present rich, relevant content for women business owners in a casual environment. Some examples of professional contacts that we bring in are HR executives, social media and advertising specialists, professional development and wellness experts, and more.


BOSSY Co-Founders Kelly Bush (Marshall Street Bar & Grill, The Union Tavern) and Kelly Metras (Salena's Mexican Restaurant & Nox Cocktail Lounge)

BOSSY board members (left to right): Erika Sorbello (Gallery Salon), Kelly Bush (BOSSY Co-Founder, Marshall Street Bar & Grill, The Union Tavern), Kelly Metras (BOSSY Co-Founder, Salena’s Mexican Restaurant & Nox Cocktail Lounge) and Rebecca Natalie Fien (Rochester Web Girl)


Rebecca, Kelly B., Erika, Kelly M.

The BOSSY Mission & Vision

Our mission is to offer support for women business owners through casual networking, affordable workshops, and monthly meetings. Our vision is to offer the most authentic and honest forum for support for women business owners in Rochester, NY, providing information, resources and support to fellow business owners to help them grow their businesses.

BOSSY Values

COMMITMENT: Becoming a part of the group and showing up regularly so that the bonds can grow

PARTICIPATION: Being raw and ready to share your experiences in business

HONESTY: Real life stories and problem solving, real responses to questions


Co-Founders Kelly Metras & Kelly Bush and Board Members Erika Sorbello & Rebecca Natalie

The BOSSY Team

Kelly Metras

BOSSY Co-founder
Owner, Salenas Mexican Restaurant, 

Owner, Nox Cocktail Lounge,

Kelly Bush

BOSSY Co-founder
Owner, Marshall Street Bar & Grill,

Owner, The Union Tavern,

Erika Sorbello

Gallery Salon, Owner

Rebecca Natalie Fien

Websites by Becca, Owner


BOSSY Board Members, clockwise from top left: Erika Sorbello (Gallery Salon), Kelly Bush (Marshall Street Bar & Grill, The Union Tavern), Rebecca Natalie Fien (Websites by Becca) and Kelly Metras (Salena's Mexican Restaurant & Nox Cocktail Lounge)